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friendsBoard is a simple communication tool for groups. Write messages to a board, either via the web interface or the windows client, which members of the same board can instantly see. Each board's message history is permanent. The web interface uses ajax, so you never have to manually refresh the board you are viewing - messages will simply appear as members submit them.

Example of a friendsBoard conversation
Example of a friendsBoard conversation

For Macs, friendsBoard provides full Notification Center integration for OS X Mavericks, which means no browser needs to be open for the user to receive notifications of new messages on his boards.
For Windows, Chrome desktop notifications is supported - this requires Chrome to be running, with friendsBoard open in a tab.

Example of a friendsBoard OS X notification Example of a friendsBoard OS X notification

Android and iPhone browsers are supported(ish).

friendsBoard is free for any use.


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